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Top 5 Sonoma Valley wineries on Yelp

Top 5 Sonoma Valley wineries on Yelp

UPDATED 2018 – Everyone wants to go to Napa Valley but what about Sonoma Valley, its equally breathtakingly beautiful.  There are lots of great wineries to choose from but what are the Top 5 Sonoma Valley wineries on Yelp? Yelp is one of the most searched apps and websites when it comes to finding what to do & where to go. Below is a list of Top 5 Sonoma Valley wineries on Yelp, did yours make the list?

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Ravenswood Winery – 268 total reviews on Yelp
Jessica C. 10/29/2015
Updating my review. Since my last note, we got engaged at Ravenswood and the staff was totally in on the surprise last year. They were so genuinely enthusiastic…I swear they are like extended family and are definitely long distance friends. I love the ravens!  So puppy friendly on the patio. We brought our 5 month ridgeback here in late September. She had ..READ MORE

Charles K. 10/24/2015
This review is long overdue. My girlfriend and I had never gone wine tasting together before but after trying some Ravenswood at a dinner party a few months back, we decided that we needed to visit the winery to see what else they had offered.   It was a beautiful Sunday: clear blue skies, not a single wisp of white clouds in the sky. Unfortunately, we had just missed the daily winery tour but still quite worth the trip!  The cheese plate was the perfect complement to the zinns we tried. We started off with the.. READ MORE

Vivian H. 10/19/2015
Great winery, with none of that uppity ambiance of other nearby places. I love that it’s more mellow and casual.   The staff were very friendly and generous. We got to try 4-5 tastings, and a couple extra tastings of their off-menu reserve wines. Loved their .. READ MORE

Sebastiani Vineyards – 187 total reviews on yelp
Sophia Y. 8/9/2015
Came here with a friend for the wine tour and tasting. This place is beautiful and has so much to see. It was not your typical winery tour.  The castle was amazing with so many hidden gems to see. We really enjoyed the tour and.. READ MORE

Sherry L. 7/11/2015
Beautiful winery just a few short blocks walking distance from downtown Sonoma square. This winery is super dog friendly. The interior tasting room is spacious and comfortable — you can taste standing up by the counter or stead at one of their big tables. There is also outdoor seating by their beautiful grounds and fountain. Definitely a great place to lounge and enjoy the gorgeous.. READ MORE

Clarice O. 11/08/2015
Perfect place to celebrate your Anniversary!
Behind-the-scenes tour of the oldest, continuously operating vineyard in the Sonoma Valley, intimate wine tasting of Private Reserve selections, and a gourmet Lunch by the fountain in.. READ MORE

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Roche Winery — 122 total reviews on yelp
Patricia Patti P W. 11/22/2015
I have lived in California for almost 36 years now and have come to Napa and Sonoma since I was 19 years old and a sailor.  I now come with my husband on a semi-annual basis as we are looking to relocate here especially in the Santa Rosa/Sonoma area in the next five years. I haven’t been to Sonoma in a while (3 years) so my husband decided that we should take a hectic country ride to Sonoma on a Wednesday afternoon. They were blessed with 80 degree weather after a storm on Monday night (the first week of November), so we decided to walk around town.  I have never seen so many white wealthy.. READ MORE

Virginia T. 9/21/2015
This place is more like a cozy little wine room than a full winery, so there weren’t any fancy grounds to stroll through, but the wine tasting was such a great deal!  My friends and I did the Family Tasting option for $10. We got to try 6 wines, 3 sweet wines and 3 barrel tastings. That’s TWELVE tastings for only $10!! Our hosts didn’t elaborate too much on the wines themselves; not a whole lot of talk on what to expect from your glass or the history of grapes you’re about to consume, but.. READ MORE

Lisette C. 9/21/2015
Sadly our experience at Roche was not as good as everyone else’s.  The good Yelp reviews lead us here but we felt a little bamboozled.  Harry, our host did not seem to be in a good mood and the Wine Club pitch was HARD from the moment we walked in the tasting room.  I think he mentioned the wine club before every pour, so 6 times!  He recited the wine descriptions in a monotone voice, until he got to the .. READ MORE

Hope you enjoyed the list of Sonoma Valley’s top 5 wineries on Yelp. Now, what are your favorites?

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