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How is Uber in Napa Valley? 2018 FIRST-HAND experience

How is UBER in Napa Valley? FIRST-HAND experience

In 2018, are you planning to use UBER in Napa Valley to visit wineries and are wondering how is the coverage for Uber in Napa Valley?   Below are some first-hand experiences from riders who used Uber to visit wineries in Napa Valley. Uber is all the rage these days especially in high tourist locations, therefore everyone wants to know How is Uber in Napa Valley? Meanwhile, if you are visiting Napa Valley for the very first time then we HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing an Audio Tour for Napa Valley. This audio tour does an incredible job of educating about Napa Valley via vivid story telling so that everyone in your group has much more richer experience from their visit. You can play it in your car as you drive to Napa Valley or on your smartphone as you visit wineries. It will make your visit to Napa Valley even more memorable as you will learn so much about why Napa Valley is so famous, how to taste wines like a pro (or at least pretend like it), what single event put Napa Valley on the world map, how is wine made, how to read wine labels, how is harvesting done, what is the difference between Champagne & Sparkling wine etc etc.


Recently on January 6th, 2018, our own team at Winery Finder App had an opportunity to test UBER in Napa Valley.  We used UBER from Domaine Carneros Winery to get to Downtown Napa.  After concluding our Sparkling wine tasting at Domaine Carneros at 12 noon, we decided to have lunch at Morimoto Napa in Downtown Napa on the riverfront.  Instead of driving, some of us decided to test Uber, we tapped the app and were pleasantly surprised to see quite a few drivers around our area.  We requested one and within 8 minutes an UBER driver showed up.  The car was nice & clean, the driver was super friendly and knew his way around.  He dropped us off at our destination.  The entire UBER Napa cost from Domaine Carneros Winery to Morimoto Napa cost us $14.81.  In our other visits also tested UBER to visit various other wineries and also took UBER from Napa Valley back to our office in San Francisco, we will write more about this later.  We will also write about taking UBER from San Francisco to Napa Valley.  Our conclusion is that overall UBER is very dependable and an awesome way to visit wineries in Napa Valley.

–  solomentehawaii, a user from La Jolla, California answers this exact question below on TripAdvisor’s Napa Valley Forum on how is Uber in Napa Valley?


I was a little leery about using it in Napa, given the TripAdvisor forum posts, so I wanted to share my experience: it works quite well. We used Uber each day of our trip. We stayed in Yountville. Each morning I would be the DD for one to two wineries for my husband to taste, then we’d have lunch, park the car at the hotel, and I’d join in the tasting. I only have the tolerance to visit 2 wineries. This is one reason Uber was better than having a driver for some minimum of hours, during which I would drink too much.

Limitations of Uber were that I tended to want to stay closer to the hotel, probably for cost, so unlike when we have had a driver, we didn’t venture far up the valley or into the hills. Secondly, you have to know where you want to go next. We did sometimes sit outside a winery calling the next winery to see if we could come by, but if we had been better organized, we might have really planned it out. Wait times fluctuate for uber, and I’d recommend getting to appointments early. Our wait times varied from 3-11 minutes typically, with one time being almost 20 minutes.

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On previous trips we have hired a driver and even once did a tour. A driver is less hassle if you want to travel all over, see several wineries, and don’t want to have to deal with the planning.

We use Uber at home ALL the time so there was no learning curve. 60% of our drivers were knowledgeable locals and 40% were from neighboring towns who came in to work for the day. We got dropped by one driver at peak time, I think because he didn’t want to come all the way out to Rutherford, when he was in Napa. We called a second driver, no problem.. Follow this perticular entire discussion on on TripAdvisor Forum for Napa Valley

Here is another updated post on TripAdvisor about Uber Napa Valley –
User named LBishop06 writes on Feb 3rd, 2016 

We just returned from Napa and Sonoma and had no problems with Uber. Cell service is spotty in some places on the road but we never had an issue getting service at any of the wineries. The longest he had to wait was 15 minutes, but the average wait was 3-6 minutes. We were also there on a Monday and Tuesday so wait times may be shorter on the weekends if there are more drivers.  Follow this perticular entire discussion on on TripAdvisor Forum for Napa Valley

Here is the most updated post on TripAdvisor about Uber Napa Valley to visit wineries –
User named Kmj1980 writes on June 15th, 2016 

So I’m sat in Napa (having visited wineries so sorry for typo’s!). We arrived around midday and only have one night so we walked to oxbow market for lunch (totally recommend), then an uber to Robert Mondavi, then to Mumm and on to hotel (embassy suites). In total around $60-65 including being snared in traffic on the way back.

If we were here for the whole day maybe hire a driver but today no problem in time to call,the drivers/service and cost a whole.. Follow this perticular entire discussion on on TripAdvisor Forum for Napa Valley

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