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Napa Valley & Sonoma Wineries on Kuvée – Smart Wine Bottle

Napa Valley & Sonoma wineries are featured on Kuvée – a smart internet enabled touchscreen wine Bottle that is developed by an American company.  It is one of the strangest ‘Internet of Things‘ devices ever created – a WiFi-enabled, touchscreen-equipped wine bottle.

The Kuvée bottle has been funded on crowdfunding siteIndieGoGo, and looks set to become a reality. The bottle costs $179, and users need to buy special wine cartridges to stick in the bottom when they want a drink.

The Kuvée’s marketing is strange – the promotional video sings the praises of the screen, which can give you information like the variety of wine you’re drinking, its strength, good food pairings and some information about the vineyard. In other words, it does the same thing as READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Here is hilarious YouTube video showing exactly how Kuvée works.

Here is what says about Kuvée
Would you buy your wine in aluminum cans and drink it out of a smart wine bottle? No? Okay, well, what if I told you the wine was affordable, would last up to 30 days without spoiling, and came with a smart ordering system so your rack is always stocked?

If a robot drank wine, this is the bottle it would come from.

Dubbed “the world’s first smart wine preservation system,” the Kuvée Smart Bottle is a Wi-Fi-connected wine bottle for the digital age. It keeps your wine fresh for up to a month, has a touchscreen that tells you all about what you’re drinking, and even allows you to order more wine right from the bottle. The catch: It only takes special aluminum wine canisters made by Kuvée.

So is this the future of wine? To answer that, we spoke with Kuvée’s Project Lead, drank from the smart bottle for a week, and asked a few independent wine industry experts if they would consider buying it.

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Here is the official video from

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