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Top 5 Napa Valley wineries on Yelp

UPDATED 2018 – Before going to Napa Valley do you check yelp for wineries? We thought it would be great idea to list top 5 Napa Valley wineries on Yelp. Yelp is one of the most searched apps and websites when it comes to finding what to do & where to go. See if some of your favorites make the list.

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V. Sattui – 2485 total reviews on Yelp
Kris F. 3/25/2016
One of my hands down favorite places!!! For $15 you get to taste 6 amazing wines…but we had an amazing guide who had us try a few more according to what he thought we would like. And he didn’t fail us AT ALL! We left with a few more bottles than planned but extremely happy with what we got! I’m definitely a sweet white wine type of person and I loved the Gamay Rough (taste like juice), Dry Reisling, and the Moscato Frizzante. Can’t wait to crach those bottles open here at home! The deli is amazing and picnic grounds are gorgeous! We got some pasta salad, jambalaya, and veggie salad and sat outside to eat on the beautiful grounds. I will be back in a heartbeat!..READ MORE

Linda H. 4/7/2016
Omg this place is adorable!  This was our first stop in Napa to grab lunch.  I would recommend getting here before noon on a Saturday because the line for the BBQ and food started winding around the place! Plus wouldn’t you like to get your Napa adventure started early because everything closes by 4pm-6pm anyways, so get here early, claim a table, buy a bottle(s) inside the winery to share, and picnic out in the sun with your lunch with all of your girlfriends.   They have a great BBQ stand going on weekends with ribs, shrimp skewers, etc. I was too full from gorging on buttery pastries in the morning to enjoy anything hearty so I got their freshly made mozzarella instead. Best decision ever! It’s made to order right in front of you while .. READ MORE

Sheena A. 4/7/2016
I always come to V Sattui when I’m in Wine Country. This place is always bustling with people and at times can feel like they’re just burning and turning. The staff, nonetheless, is always friendly and super knowledgable. There are many notable wines here. Although I’m not generally into dessert wines, V Sattui has some very enjoyable ones. They’ve also got a nice marketplace with seafood, Italian cold.. READ MORE

Castello di Amorosa – 1963 total reviews on yelp
Asenath N. 11/16/2015
Came here with a friend for the wine tour and tasting. This place is beautiful and has so much to see. It was not your typical winery tour.  The castle was amazing with so many hidden gems to see. We really enjoyed the tour and.. READ MORE

Goldie J. 11/10/2015
Dario Sattui’s Castello di Amorosa (Castle of Love)-is a must see if you are going to be in the area! You can’t miss this Italian medieval Castle!  It is one of the most interesting Winery’s I have ever been too. This 121,000 square feet, 8 level (4 of which are underground) castle has.. READ MORE

Clarice O. 11/08/2015
Castello di Amorosa is one of the places I pick when I am taking out-of-town family and friends to Napa. The gorgeous castle and grounds are always a big hit and totally help my argument that living in California is way more awesome than living in (insert whichever state they.. READ MORE

Domaine Carneros — 1146 total reviews on yelp
Jenna G. 11/11/2015
Such a great winery. The view is so beautiful and the service is wonderful.  I always get the red wine sampler because I’m not a huge fan of sparkling wine, which is what they are known for. The reds are delicious, and the sparkling wine cheese plate is perfect! (It has Mt. Tam which is the.. READ MORE

Chrys S. 11/5/2015
If you want to learn how sparkling wine is made, then this is the place for you. It lasts about 90 minutes. Al, our guide, was very kind and answered all our questions. The guided tour includes sparkling wine tasting (3 different.. READ MORE

Amy T. 10/30/2015
Domaine Carneros is my absolute favorite winery in Napa.  Most people will argue that this isn’t a good representation of Napa Valley, but we loved it.  They serve sparkling wines (California Champagne) with an assortment of.. READ MORE

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Domaine Chandon – 949 total reviews on yelp
Margs K. 9/28/2015
really like the modern design of this winery.  They not only offer tastings, but you can order full glasses of champagne cocktails like bellinis and mimosas as well.   I went on a very busy Saturday afternoon, and the..READ MORE

Trina J. 7/04/2015
To sum it up, we liked it so much that we joined the wine club. Think this place is all about the bubbly? Think again. The still wines are great too.  Upon arriving on Thursday evening an hour before closing for a drop in tour, we were greeted at the door and guided upstairs for a tasting. Our host Aaron was very nice and engaging.  His humor, knowledge and relaxed demeanor was a.. READ MORE

Matt R. 9/19/2015
Joined friends for the beginning of a beautiful day in Napa at Domaine Chandon. Great lunch and great company make for a fantastic start to a day!  Country pork terrine was a great match with the champagne and we can’t wait to come back. My wife had the sparkling red champagne and it was a little.. READ MORE

Artesa – 801 total reviews on yelp
Wendy J. 10/16/2015
Love Artesa Winery… It’s the most Beautiful , scenic winery with the most Amazing views in the Napa Valley.  The staircase and fountain are a great entrance, and when you get to the top of the stairs the view is simply stunning.  Wonderful landscaping around the property some great art work further enhances the experience.  The main tasting room is quite large, accommodating many large groups of guest.   In the tasting room you have 2 choices of.. READ MORE

Randi B. 10/14/2015
My friend is a member at Artesa and we stopped here on our way home. Unfortunately, we got there 10 minutes before closing, so we weren’t able to do a tasting. They did allow her to get her pickup and gave us each one generous pour of a wine of our choice. I had the chardonnay, and i liked it. I thought it was nice of them to do that even though tasting had ended 30 minutes prior.   We went and sat on the private member’s tasting patio. NICE! Loved it, really wish we could have done a.. READ MORE

Alanna B. 10/12/2015
Artesa is a very modern and contemporary style winery. It is a very popular winery and can get packed quickly. There is a general tasting offered at $25.00. However, if you wanted to do a reserved wine tasting where it was on the Terrace outside with great views and your own private table, I think we paid $35.00/pp? Either way, I highly recommend this choice.  We didn’t have to wait, and we could pace ourselves while enjoying the scenery. We did not.. READ MORE

Hope you enjoyed the list of Napa Valley’s top 5 wineries on Yelp. Now, what are your favorites?

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Castello di Amorosa Napa Valley Castle Winery NEW Wine Tasting Tour Discount Coupon Deal

2018 Castello di Amorosa Coupon – 2018 FREE WINE TASTING COUPON!

2018 Castello di Amorosa Coupon – 2018 FREE WINE TASTING COUPON!

UPDATED 2018 – Visiting Castello di Amorosa (Napa Castle Winery)? GET FREE WINE TASTING, this Castello di Amorosa coupon (Napa Castle Winery coupon) gets your tasting fee refunded and is only available on the Winery Finder App!. Best part is that the App is FREE! For more information about the Napa Castle Winery, visit Castello di Amorosa Website.  Meanwhile, If you are visiting Napa Valley for the very first time then we HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing an Audio Tour for Napa Valley. This audio tour does an incredible job of educating about Napa Valley via vivid story telling so that everyone in your group has much more richer experience from their visit. You can play it in your car as you drive to Napa Valley or on your smartphone as you visit wineries. It will make your visit to Napa Valley even more memorable as you will learn so much about why Napa Valley is so famous, how to taste wines like a pro (or at least pretend like it), what single event put Napa Valley on the world map, how is wine made, how to read wine labels, how is harvesting done, what is the difference between Champagne & Sparkling wine etc etc.

Castello di Amorosa (Napa Castle Winery) Information:
Visit our authentically-built, 13th century Tuscan castle and winery. You can visit us for tasting only or take a guided tour. Please scroll down to see our full listing of tour and tasting options. We are open for regular hours 364 days per year, closed December 25 only. We will be closing at 5:30pm on Fri. October 28, 2016; 3:00pm on Thanksgiving day, Nov. 24 and on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24. We will be open for regular hours all other days.Please be advised that on weekends and holidays between the hours of 12:30 PM and 5:00 PM Castello di Amorosa can become extremely busy. In order to insure that all of our guests have the best possible experience, when the Castello becomes this busy, we will limit entrance to our Wine Club members and guests who have made guided tour reservations, followed by all other visitors space permitting.  Castello di Amorosa pricing, wine tasting & tour fee at Napa Castle Winery.  Castello di Amorosa hours are as follows:

March-October: Open Daily 9:30am-6:00pm
November-February: Open Daily 9:30am-5:00pm

Castello di Amorosa
4045 St Helena Hwy, Calistoga, CA 94515

(707) 967-6272
Castello di Amorosa Website

• Castello di Amorosa, Address, Maps & Directions
Castello di Amorosa Google Reviews

• Castello di Amorosa YELP Reviews
Castello di Amorosa TripAdvisor Reviews
• Castello di Amorosa – YouTube Videos
• Castello di Amorosa, Tour information
• Castello di Amorosa Wines

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Napa Valley First Time Visitor? ULTIMATE 1-DAY ITINERARY!

Napa Valley First Time Visitor? ULTIMATE 1-DAY ITINERARY!

Are you a Napa Valley first time visitor and are you looking for an ultimate one day itinerary which plans your best winery stops one by one so that you can  experience best of Napa Valley?  READ ON as we put it all together for you.  With over 3 million visitors flocking to Napa every year, many are first time visitors to Napa Valley. Everyone wants to know which Napa Valley wineries to visit and is there an ULTIMATE guide for first time visitors to Napa Valley?  There are over 500 wineries in Napa Valley and new ones popping up almost daily.  Below is your ULTIMATE one-day itinerary for wine tasting if you are a Napa Valley first time visitor.  We often see our app users follow this itinerary when visiting wineries.  Keep in mind that if you really want to enjoy yourself at each winery then you should stick to visiting maximum of 3-4 wineries in a day.  Most wineries will also have tours but its recommended that you only pick 1 winery for tour (because most tours will cover almost same info), you can just do tastings at other wineries you visit.  If you plan to use UBER then may also be interested in reading how is UBER in Napa Valley.  If you plan to stay overnight then Top 10 Places to Stay with Airbnb Napa Valley is a great read.  Your ULTIMATE one-day guide to Napa Valley can be even better with Wine Tasting deals & discount coupons to Napa Valley wineries – Napa Valley on a Budget.

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8:30 – 9 am – Leave SF
Leave San Francisco by 9am, take the scenic route via Golden Gate Bridge/101 North to Hwy 37 to Hwy 121/12 to Hwy 29, here is a link to a google map with suggested route San Francisco to Napa Valley

10:00 – Arrive at 1st winery
It  takes about 1.5 hours from San Francisco to arrive at the 1st winery by  10:30 in the Carneros Region (without traffic, you can arrive here in 1  hour).  Most wineries start opening around 10:30 to 11am.  If you  arrive too early then a great breakfast place is Fremont Diner have some breakfast and then start visiting wineries. In the Carneros  Region you can stop and any of these wineries (we suggest stopping at  just 1 one of the below wineries and then moving on to the next phase of  the itinerary):

Schug Winery
Small family owned winery with self guided free vineyard tours.  Highly recommended because its a fully working winery therefore you get to see/experience everything.  If you love Pinot then this is your place, Walter Schug was the first to make Pinots in Napa Valley. Save some money by getting Schug Winery wine tasting discount coupon.

Gloria Ferrer
If you love bubbly and like incredible views then this is a great a gorgeous winery to visit on the way to Napa Valley. Grab a Gloria Ferrer coupon for 2 for 1 wine tasting.  Visa Signature Card  or Visa Infinity Card holders get additional discounts at Gloria Ferrer.

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Domaine Carneros
A gorgeous french style chateau, another great stop for bubbly.  They have really good tours but only at 11, 1 & 3pm.  Outside patio tasting is just out of this world.

Artesa Vineyards & Winery
A winery with an incredibly view, this winery gets very busy therefore plan ahead on weekends.  Here is a Artesa Winery coupon to help you save some money in Napa.

Etude Wines
A winery with great wines and great utilization of technology in wine making process.  A great winery if you like Pinot Noir.  The inside is beautiful and contemporary, gardens are gorgeous.  Reasonable and the pours are nice.   Its off the beaten path but def a worth a stop!

11:30 am.
Robert Mondavi Winery
After tasting at one of the wineries from above list, you can arrive at Robert Mondavi Winery.   Its a MUST visit winery because its THE winery which put Napa Valley on the map and since its one of the most well known wineries it gives you bragging rights to have personally visited.  They also have absolutely the best tours for the 1st time visitors to Napa Valley.

1 pm. –  Lunch
V. Sattui Winery
Its an awesome winery with picnic grounds and Italian deli.  You can do wine tasting and also have delicious picnic lunch here by purchasing food from their Italian deli.  Another advantage of having lunch here is that if you go to a nice restaurant for lunch it will take you at least 1.5 hours to finish, this cuts into your wine tasting because most wineries start closing at about 5 pm.  On the weekends they also do barbecues and also make their own yummy home made gelato to die for.  Be sure to grab a V. Sattui Winery Coupon to help you do Napa Valley on a budget.

2:30 pm.
Castello di Amorosa
Yup, there is actually a castle in Napa Valley which is also a  winery.  You will love this amazing castle with moat, working church and even has a torture chamber:)  Castello di Amorosa is now one of the most visited wineries in Napa Valley.  You can easily spend a few hours here. You will love the Castello di Amorosa Wine Tasting Discount Coupon to get your tasting fee refunded, this makes visiting the castle winery even more fun while saving money!

3:30 pm.
Sterling Vineyards
There is nothing else like it in the Napa Valley.  This winery is build  on a 300 foot knoll and the only way to get up there is via a sky  tram.  Once up there, you can enjoy panoramic view of the Napa Valley.  With this Sterling Winery coupon, a visit to this winery is even more amazing.

Head Back
By  the time you finish from here it will be time for wineries to start  closing at about 5pm (very few stay open till 6pm).    On the way back  we see most people going back to SF via the Bay Bridge (Hwy 29 to Hwy 12  to Hwy 29 (Sonoma Hwy) to Hwy 37 to Hwy 80 to SF), this allows them to  see both bridges in their perfect one-day itinerary to Napa Valley from  San Francisco.  Here is a link to the google map with suggested route back Sterling Winery to San Francisco via Bay Bridge

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So, have fun and enjoy your being the first time visitor to Napa Valley, take lots & lots of pic and videos to make your first visit a very memorable one.  Just a quick reminder again that Napa Valley is getting more and more expensive but if your perfect day also includes doing Napa Valley on a budget then here is list of EVERY wine tasting deal and discount coupons to Napa Valley Wineries.

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New Years Eve on Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley ULTIMATE guide to New Years Eve

Napa Valley ULTIMATE guide to New Years Eve


Holidays are one of the best times to visit Napa Valley especially on the New Years Eve.  Here is your Napa Valley ULTIMATE guide to New Years Eve.  Below we list all the fun activities not to be missed.

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New Year’s Eve on Napa Valley Wine Train
Dec 31, 2016

A Night in Paris

Want Wine Tasting Discount Coupons From Every Winery?
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New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball @ Castello di Amorosa
Dec 31, 2016

Ring in the New Year with Castello di Amorosa. Don your formal attire and masquerade with us as we say goodbye to 2016 and HELLO 2017!

  • Wine Tasting Reception with passed hors d’oeuvres
  • Decadent 5 course dinner in the Grand Barrel Room.
  • Dancing to live music in the Great Hall
  • Photo Booth
  • Complimentary shuttles to Calistoga Hotels
  • Sparkling Wine Toast and Balloon Drop at Midnight!

7:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M.

Tickets $295/Members $345/For Guests

Reservations required

See Video

Book Now

 Call Wine Club at 707-967-6274 for more information.

New Year’s Eve @Meritage Resort
Dec 31, 2016

Presented by The Meritage Resort and Spa at The Meritage Resort and Spa

December 31, 2016 – January 1, 2017

Celebrate New Year’s Eve Napa style at The Meritage Resort and Spa as we welcome in 2017. We will offer multiple options for dinner, including dinners in the Estate Cave with Trinitas Cellars and in Siena, plus we will have our annual ballroom celebration with midnight sparkling toast and balloon drop. Please note that dinners and ballroom celebration do typically sell out, we recommend purchasing tickets early.

Estate Cave Dinner with Trinitas Cellars and Ballroom Celebration
Start 2017 off right by celebrating New Year’s Eve 2017 with Trinitas Cellars! The New Year’s Eve Bash will start with a reception in the Estate Cave followed by a magnificent candle lit five-course dinner. Each course will be paired with delicious Trinitas Cellars wines. After this five-course meal, you will join the big NYE party in the Meritage Ballroom (dinner price includes entry to the Ballroom Celebration).

Registration and wine reception begins at 6 p.m. in the Estate Cave. Dinner will be served promptly at 7 p.m.

$249 per person (Trinitas Cellars Wine Club members $199). Please contact Lucy at for more information and tickets.

Siena New Year’s Eve Celebration Dinner
Finish 2016 with a wonderful, multi-course dinner in Siena. The culinary team will have a pre-fixe menu with plenty of your favorites to choose from, including a dessert buffet that you won’t want to miss. An optional wine pairing menu is also available for an additional charge (menu will be posted by November 1, 2016).

We will offer a first seating from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and a second seating from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Dinner is $99 per person or add our Ballroom Celebration for $149 per person. Prices are inclusive of tax and gratuity, but do not include beverages.


Coming as a group? Please purchase all tickets on one order or email with each member of your party so that we can ensure your group is sitting together.

Meritage Ballroom Celebration
Dance the year away with our NYE Ballroom Celebration! This year’s celebration will feature music from All Star Jukebox, dancing, New Year’s party favors, small bites after 10:30 p.m. (menu may include: Flatbreads, a French Fry Station, Popcorn, and Chocolates), and sparkling toast with balloon drop at midnight. There will be a cash bar for all your libations. Bars will include two general service bars for mixed drinks, a “Top Shelf” bar with optional bottle service, and a Trinitas Cellars wine bar.

Party from 9 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

$75 per person. Price is inclusive of tax and gratuity.


Staying at The Meritage Resort? Book three or more consecutive nights that include December 31, 2016 and we will send you two complimentary tickets to the Meritage Ballroom Celebration. Cannot be combined with any other offers, packages, or discounts. Make your reservations at

The Meritage Resort and Spa

875 Bordeaux Way
Napa, CA94558

Admission Info:

Individual Dates & Times: *
Dec 31, 2016: 5 pm – 12:30 am (Thu)
Jan 1, 2017: 12 am – 12:30 am (Fri)

* Event durations (if noted) are approximate. Please check with the presenting organization or venue to confirm start times and duration.

Phone: 707.251.1900
Accessibility Information: Currently, no accessibility information is available for this event.

Official Website


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