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2018 BEST NAPA WINE TRAIN DEAL – Get $112 DISCOUNT on Napa Valley Wine Train!

2018 BEST NAPA WINE TRAIN DEAL – Get $112 DISCOUNT on Napa Valley Wine Train!

You have come to the right place for Napa Wine Train Deals & coupons, we will show you how to get $112 OFF Napa Valley Wine Train.  Are you planning to go on the Napa Valley Wine Train when visiting Napa Valley? Wine Train is one of the most romantic ways to experience Napa Valley, you will cherish the memories for lifetime.  The experience will be even better if you can save some money and do not have to pay full price. Meanwhile, if you are visiting Napa Valley for the very first time then we HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing an Audio Tour for Napa Valley. This audio tour does an incredible job of educating about Napa Valley via vivid story telling so that everyone in your group has much more richer experience from their visit. You can play it in your car as you drive to Napa Valley or on your smartphone as you visit wineries. It will make your visit to Napa Valley even more memorable as you will learn so much about why Napa Valley is so famous, how to taste wines like a pro (or at least pretend like it), what single event put Napa Valley on the world map, how is wine made, how to read wine labels, how is harvesting done, what is the difference between Champagne & Sparkling wine etc etc.

Okay, back to the Napa Wine Train deal, you can occasionally also find Napa Wine Train deals on Winery Finder App. There are several packages you can choose for Wine Train but Napa Valley Wine Train pricing directly on their website for the Gourmet Express Dinner is $186.99/person, that’s $372 for two people.  Costco is your best friend when it comes to Napa Wine Train deals.  Costco sells the Napa Valley Wine Train gift e-certificate for $249.99 for two people on the Gourmet Express Dinner or Lunch train.  That’s significant savings for two people on the Napa Valley Wine Train.  Actually the Costco deals gets even better because Costco e-certificate includes private seating for which Napa Valley Wine Train charges you extra $15/person.  So by the time you add up all the savings, you are actually getting really really a good Napa Wine Train deal that gets you whopping $112 off discount for 2 people on the Napa Valley Wine Train.  Costco’s website shows that they are currently out of this deal but you can usually walk into a physical Costco store and grab the certificate to buy the deal in store.  We were able to see plenty of them in stock at following Costco locations:

Have fun in Napa Valley, take plenty of pictures as it is truly paradise on earth.  Feel free to explore our website for wine tasting discounts if you will be also visiting Napa Valley wineries for wine tasting, you can also download Winery Finder App to find Napa & Sonoma wine tasting coupons from over 120 wineries.

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