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ProLab Orthotics Brand Video

ProLab Orthotics approached Spin with the desire to create a brand video that spoke to the high quality, and differentiating characteristics of their custom foot orthotics. The Spin team quickly learned that not all orthotics are created equally, and that ProLab—an innovative lab with the capacity to make 100% custom orthotics—was providing their clients, doctors, with a product that had the capacity to greatly improve medical outcomes for patients.

Spin first dug into learning about ProLab’s 5-step manufacturing process, and then into creating a vision for featuring their unique approach. Can you make orthotics sexy? Well, it’s not a Tesla video, but we are pleased with, for instance, the pretty pictures of the router which carves the orthotic to the exact specifications that the doctor has prescribed.

Our Director of Photography Sam Graydon, along with his 1st AC June Zandona worked in lock-step to find the beauty shots. We shot the lion’s share with our Canon C500, and also mounted GoPros to machinery to get as close as we could to the action.

The ProLab manufacturing facility was located in gorgeous Napa Valley, CA—a place that inspires an internal chorus of “the hills are alive with the sound of music.” But our hard working crew—a combination of Seattleites and Bay Area professionals—were mostly focused on getting the shots. After a two day shoot in sunny California, we finalized the shoot in Seattle at Dr. Larry Huppin’s office in Capital Hill. Luckily, it was a rare blue-sky day in Seattle, which allowed us access to the inspiring athletes and downtown fast-walkers featured in the video.

When chatting about her current project, Producer/Director Lisa Cooper encountered more than one person had a somewhat confused idea of what exactly an orthotic is: “Isn’t that a very rare breed of orchid? Yeah, I love those.” —and— “Oh yeah, isn’t there some controversy about people who have those being able to run in the Olympics?” Hmmm…well, not exactly.

So in case you’re not sure, an orthotic is a medical device you put in your shoe to improve your foot function.

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