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Napa Valley Dreams – Trailer [1080]

From ground to sky, from person to person, NAPA VALLEY DREAMS captures as never before the exquisite light, color and texture of a paradise and its people. This documentary travels through the story of a landscape crafted by geological turmoil, still evident in roiling geysers and hot springs, and woven with the tales of people striving to reach the ultimate — and finding peace through the journey. NAPA VALLEY DREAMS traces the stories of the people who are at home in this iconic region. Experience the inspirational tale of a young war veteran’s pursuit of healing through his photography of the Napa Valley’s striking landscape; speed down zip lines with an outdoor tour guide on his restorative adventures; explore local efforts to preserve the Napa Valley’s agricultural and wilderness land; and examine farmers’ use of responsible biodynamic efforts in striking a balance with nature. The sublime imagery and riveting personal stories in NAPA VALLEY DREAMS immerses viewers in the earthly yet ethereal experience of life in the Napa Valley. Through the use of cutting edge filming equipment and techniques paired with masterful storytelling, you will experience the enchantment of the Napa Valley as never before. Shot on the hand-machined Red Epic-M camera, filmmakers Rodney Vance and John Tagamolila capture the brilliant tapestry of the Napa Valley. The Epic is the only existing camera capable of shooting at an astonishing 5k resolution, resolution exceeding 35mm film, making it the perfect camera to create a color-rich ‘Shangri-la’ Giant Screen view of the Napa Valley.

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