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It’s Perfect Here

A brother and sister spend a beautiful day on a lake together, getting to know each other in the spaces between childhood and adulthood.

Tess Harrison’s debut short film received the Best Narrative Short Award at the Napa Valley Film Festival. It premiered at the Knoxville Film Festival in 2014, received a Best Shorts Award of Merit and had numerous US screenings. The film had it’s international premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London.

Directed by Tess Harrison. Produced by Tess Harrison, Hannah Whitney, and Maria Wilson. Starring Tess Harrison and Will Harrison. Director of Photography, Seamus Mulligan Ferry. Edited by Matthew Newton.

It’s Perfect Here is one third of the Lake Shorts, a project developed by creators Tess Harrison, Hannah Whitney and Maria Wilson. Each director wrote and acted in her short film. The films were produced with a collective micro budget of $3,000 on location in the Adirondacks. Venefica (Maria Wilson) premiered at the Juggernaut Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Film Festival, recieved two Best Shorts Awards of Merit and had it’s international premiere at the Fantasia Int’l.Dummy, Baby (Hannah Whitney) recieved a Best Shorts Award of Recognition and premiered at the Knoxville Film Festival. The Lake Shorts : 2 goes into production January, 2017.

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