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Top 3 Napa Restaurants on Yelp

Top 3 Napa Restaurants on Yelp

UPDATED 2018 – Curious which are Top 3 Napa Restaurants on Yelp, you will like this list because before going to Napa Valley do you check yelp to read reviews for restaurants? We thought we make it easier for you and list Top 3 Napa restaurants on Yelp. Yelp is one of the most searched  Apps & websites when it comes to finding what to do. See if some of your favorites make the list.

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Morimoto Napa – 2041 total reviews on Yelp
Stacie S. 
Went here tonight and my overall rating is actually a 3.5 due to the modern, chill ambience and pleasant, attentive service.  I give a 3 for the food – it was good, but not extraordinary bomb like I was expecting from an iron chef’s restaurant. Ordered the duck duck goose entree and each item on the ..READ MORE

Caroline H..
Have always love this place for their Japanese fusion but my wallet also always come up short in here. Thank god I don’t live in .. READ MORE

Ada L.
My husband and I stayed in downtown Napa during our honeymoon, and walked around on our first night to figure out where to eat. We ended up dining at Morimoto, and it was the perfect choice. Since it was our honeymoon, we didn’t hold back and dined on a spread of Toro Tartare, a variety of sashimi, Surf and Turf, Sea Urchin Carbonara, and Mori-Monkey Bread.  We saw the Toro Tartare being.. READ MORE

Gott’s Roadside – 1242 total reviews on yelp
Nicki W. 
Stopped by Gotts while I was in town visiting my Dad. It was a nice fall day out, and it was busy! We were able to grab a picnic table in the back.  The product is high quality here, and the burgers are made to order. They’ve also got.. READ MORE

Stanley C. 
Ketchup Ketchup Ketchup!!!  Oddly enough, the thing I love about this place is that they serve Sir Kensington ketchup, which I had to take a picture of so I could remember it. It tastes like cocktail sauce but sweeter and it’s.. READ MORE

Karina T. 
I love this place! For lunch or for dinner.   They seriously have the BEST sweet potato fries I have ever had… seriously. Haha. They also have garlic fries which are also delicious. I ordered the fish and.. READ MORE

The Boon Fly Cafe — 1153 total reviews on yelp
Leah E. 
Wine tasting on an empty stomach is never a good idea. After our first stop at Hess we were looking for some good eats.  Boon Fly Cafe sounds like the name of some.. READ MORE

Donna S.. 
You have to go here!! It’s fantastic.  !!   Start to finish!   I love the way they have transformed the building into a really cozy and unique place to get a glass of wine or have a lunch or dinner.   It’s located at Carneros. Vineyards and resort.  The service is.. READ MORE

Heather S. 
Cute breakfast spot! Really adored the bench swings outside of the restaurant. Breakfast was delightful but a little overpriced for the portions given. We ordered:   1) Four Boon Fly Donuts and a Cuppa Joe – donuts were .. READ MORE

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Hope you enjoyed the list of top 5 Napa restaurants on Yelp. Now, what are your favorites?

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