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Sip & Step guide to Napa Valley

A sip-and-step guide to hiking the Napa Valley

Original story by MICHELLE LOCKE, ASSOCIATED PRESS, photo by Eric Risberg

Here is a wine country secret that can help you raise your glass and your heart rate. Along with the Napa Valley’s famous wine-tasting trails, there are miles of scenic trails of the hiking variety, beckoning visitors who want to exercise more than their palates.

“There are so many great places up here,” says John Conover, partner and general manager of Odette Estate winery and an avid hiker.

From the mellow stroll of the Napa Vine Trail on the valley floor to more rugged hauls into the hills, hiking options have expanded in California wine country, and so has interest in wine country walking.

“It used to be people would come to Napa just asking about wine and food,” says Conover. Now, tasting-room visitors frequently ask about outdoor options as well, something he attributes to the general interest in staying fit.

Wine country visitors who want a taste of the outdoors have lots of options.

Free, guided hikes are available from the Land Trust of Napa County. The organization, which buys and preserves land as open space, led 32 hikes in 2015 attended by more than 300 people. Many of the participants are local, but there’s also interest from visitors, says Megan Lilla, Lands Program Assistant with the group. “I think it’s known that the landscape here is READ FULL STORY..

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